Many Paths to God


Hello. My boyfriend and I just separated and one of our main issue is that he is a Christian and strongly believes that the Only way to know God and to enter into the kingdom of heaven is through the teachings in the bible. I believe that there are many paths to knowing God and yoga is among them. I don’t understand the concept of the jealous God. Can you shed any light on this?

—Karun, US


Dear Karun,

Jesus said, “Many sheep have I who are not of this fold”. You are correct in understanding there are many true spiritual paths and Christianity is not the only one.

I believe Yogananda shared a story of all the great masters of the world’s religions sitting together in perfect union. They were dismayed their followers were fighting with each other rather than “loving thy neighbor as thyself” and seeing the virtues of all truth seekers regardless of affiliation.

Jealousy is human, unconditional love is Divine.

May you feel God’s blessings as you seek Him as the most relishable!