Is Marriage a Hindrance to Spiritual Progress?


dear ma'am,

is marriage predestined for an average individual or does free will play a role in choosing a partner?

is marriage a hindrance to spiritual progress ?

—charu, india


Dear Charu,

In Autobiography of a Yogi, we read Paramhansa Yogananda was told by wise astrologers he would have three opportunities to marry. He declined marriage all three times and dedicated his life to seeking and serving God.

We also read in Autobiography of a Yogi that two of the Self-realized masters, Lahiri Mahashaya and Swami Sri Yukteswar, had married and been householders. Their role on the stage of life included marriage as a demonstration that Self-realization is not limited to monastics only.

Marriage may or may not be a hindrance to spiritual progress depending on what your soul’s evolution needs to expand in consciousness. For example, if you are very self-involved, it may be helpful to love and care for a wife and children to expand your loyalty and sympathies beyond your own self. If however, you love God in all mankind and are dedicated to a life of inner communion and service as an instrument of the Divine Beloved, marriage may not be what your soul needs for further evolution.

Each soul has it’s own unique karma and path to God. Meditate deeply regarding your question of marriage. Feel God’s guidance in your heart with calm receptivity to know what is best regarding marriage for your own spiritual growth.

In Divine Love and Friendship,