My Spouse’s Past


I got married six months back and post marriage I have discovered (from a third source which is confirmed) that my husband who is 40 had broken several hearts before marriage and had multiple flings. Alcohol is a part of his family culture. He felt good when hearts were broken by him as that supposedly upped his attraction quotient. My husband still doesn’t know that I have discovered all this. So far he has been good to me but I’m disgusted. Am I building my home on tears? What must I do now?

—Hinu, India


Dear Hinu,

Since your husband has been good to you so far, continue to love him and be very kind to him. Help him to reform himself through your love and respect.

Paramhansa Yogananda gave an affirmation to be used after your daily meditation:

“Father, keep me and my husband perfectly united in body, mind and soul, and in ever-increasing happiness by Thy perfect law.”

I recommend that you read Yogananda’s book Spiritual Relationships.

Here is the link:

Blessings to you,