Marriage Issues


I married 10 months back & met my husband around a year before marriage. Two months back I learned that my husband has been sleeping with strangers. During counseling it was revealed that he felt rejected by me physically as well as emotionaly.

I admit that owing to my lonliness & age I could not push him away at the right time, even though I saw lots of flaws in him. But today I'm torn between helping him recover to repay the karmic debt & wanting to run away not being able to forgive him. What should I do?

—Tina Sahdev, india


Dear Tina,

Marriage is a sacred bond and loyalty is the foundation for building trust and love between two people.

I am glad that you have gone to counseling to clarify and understand what happened.

If both of you are willing and committed to re-build the marriage with loyalty and trust, then there is a chance to restore the marriage. Both of you need to do your best, and to communicate your feelings and needs with each other with respect and support.

If you decide to give the marriage a second chance, it should be because you love and want to be with him, not because you want to help him recover and repay his karma. This is not a healthy reason to be in an intimate relationship.

I wish you all the best,
Nayaswami Diksha