Marriage Requires Honest Communication


When eventually we all have to seek god and i also want to seek him, is it okay to marry someone who is nice,comes from a good family but there wont be any sexual life with him. The person although wants to marry does not even have good personal hygiene. Is it okay for me to get frustated as i wanted my sexual life post marriage but also wanted to seek god?

—T, India


Dear T,

I understand your question to be the following: Is it okay to get frustrated because of disappointed expectations regarding sexual relations with your future husband due to his poor personal hygiene?

I suggest rather than lose your inner peace and become frustrated that you tell your fiance how you feel and come to an understanding about the importance of personal hygiene. This needs to be addressed early on in your relationship and preferably before marriage so it doesn’t foster ill feelings during the marriage.

Along with this concern, it is understood that you are seeking God during your marriage and hopefully you are sharing this with your husband to be as well! Marriage requires honest communication with your husband for it to be successful.

Wishing you joy and happiness in your marriage.