Meaning of a Dream


A woman wearing orange colour saree asked me why are you sad? I told her that we have no baby. Then she told me it is because of your previous karma. You had done something wrong with a woman in treta yuga (past life).

Please help me what is its meaning and remedy .

—Mamta Rai, india


Dear Mamta,

Dreams can having meaning or not. Sometimes they are superconscious, and sometimes they are just a subconscious stew. Even when it seems that they carry true meaning, that meaning can be on any of a number of different levels, and it can be hard to know which level is the valid one. For that reason, we should be careful not to read too much into a dream unless we have a deep, calm, clear conviction that it carries an important message for us.

That said, however, there is certainly no harm in letting this particular dream motivate you to be extra-careful to treat people well, especially women. If the dream was a true, superconscious dream, this would be a good step toward working out that karma. And if it was not a superconscious dream, well, it is still a good thing to do, and completely appropriate for anyone who wishes to grow spiritually.

Don’t let this dream-episode scare you. Give it to Divine Mother in prayer and meditation, and strive to treat others well and lead a virtuous life. That’s the best remedy for past-life errors, of which we all have made many.