Meditation and Music


Dear experts,

My life has never been the same after i came in touch with Yogananda's teachings. I am a beginner in meditation and use the basic meditation technique on your site. Of now I do around 30-40 minutes every evening. I am also an aspiring singer with a good voice and vocal range but am struggling to hit the right notes. My question is if I sit on the chair, that I use to meditate while practicing music will the vibrations help me in improving my music?

Thank you so much


—Jaya , U.A.E


Dear Jaya,

Try it and see!

I would imagine that it would indeed help, especially if you meditated for even just a few minutes before practicing.

The meditation will give you more centeredness, relaxation, and better concentration, which cannot help but improve your singing.

You can then start to rely more on the effects of meditation rather than your meditation chair, giving you the freedom to improve your singing (and your consciousness) wherever you find yourself throughout the day.

Good luck,

David Eby, Music Director, Ananda Village