Meditation and resistance from family


Pranam! I regularly practice Kriya Yoga and Hong Sau, whenever there is free time and almost immediately after my work is over. As a result, I am feeling peaceful, and don't want to talk & mix much. My family is feeling that I am crossing limits, and concentrating on the point between the eyebrows too much. They are afraid that if I continue in this manner, I will become insane, though I know I am getting perfectly normal!

—jeet, india


The answer partly depends on your role in the family — it might be different for a mother or a child, for example. Paramhansa Yogananda once said (to paraphrase): ‘When you are with people, be with them 100% — when you are alone be with God.’ Sometimes there’s a temptation to want to stay ‘in the spine’ after meditation, but when we are with others we should be generous in sharing the blessings that we receive in meditation. Over time, your family will be very appreciative of what you can give them as a result of your time with God. My own mother was very resistant to my early involvement with meditation. But over time she saw how I was changing so much for the better, that she began recommending it to others!

Family life can get very hectic, though, and pull us too far from our center. So each of us needs to find the right balance of being with people (100%, as Yogananda put it), vs. withdrawing into our meditation room.