Meditation Experience


I have been regularly doing meditation since last 6 months. While meditating i feel as if i turn upside down or i am rotating inside my body. Some times i feel i am located somewhere in the middle of the body and there is a large distance between my head and legs. I just sit silently and observe these things. I had these experiences five or six times so far. What does it mean?

—hemanth, india


Dear Hemanth,

When one starts to meditate, there can be different things happening, as a result of movement of energy. I don’t know why these experiences happened to you.

Since I don’t know what meditation techniques you are practicing, I would recommend that you check out this technique of meditation, offered by Yogananda-a great yoga master from India.

It’s important that you practice a specific scientific technique that will help direct your energy upward to the center of your higher Self.