Meditation Experiences


Dear Ones, I follow very simple meditation practice that is observing breath and focusing gently on 3rd eye area. I sometimes see part of 3rd eye, the centre star dimly vibrating and also sometimes when I wake up. I have restlessness in my mind these days to go into deep meditation and sit for long hours (though long hours needn’t be an aim) but after almost every 20-25 mins I simply open my eyes, not knowing why? During sessions I feel blissful and am aware that breath almost stopped !!

—APS, India


Dear APS,

Great to hear about your meditation practices. It sounds like you are on the verge of a breakthrough. The first thing to remember is devotion to God and to meditate for God and not for yourself. The final goal of meditation and spiritual practice is to merge back into the Divine, however you hold it. The spiritual eye is the doorway to the infinite. When you see it, try to gently move down the tunnel towards the star and feel God all around you. The ego can have a problem at this point because it is afraid to “die”. It takes great courage to return to God but that is our destiny. Remember your devotion and surrender to God and Guru at that point. You will succeed!