Money and Spirituality


Dear Members,

I want to know if money and spirituality go hand in hand. Can a person be spiritual and rich by using Ananda Yoga. Yes of course he/she has to work for the money. Is it possible to make the path smoother by practicing kriya yoga to attract both money and spirituality ?



—Sujeet, India


Dear Friend,

The relationship of money to the spiritual path is essentially a reflection of the relationship between “Spirit” and “Nature.”

As all creation is said to be a manifestation of Spirit, so too can it be said that money is a manifestation of energy. Thus, as you point out, one has to work hard and smart to earn money, especially to the degree of being wealthy. (By definition, everyone in the world cannot be “wealthy” at the same time, lest the word have no meaning, as it is relative.)

To use spiritual power to acquire material wealth for the sake of that wealth alone is to misuse one’s God-given energy and intelligence. As Kriya Yoga is an advanced technique of yoga and as it can, therefore, accelerate one’s spiritual progress, it can bring, as Patanjali describes in the Yoga Sutras, power over matter.

In every faith tradition there are those teachers who show how one can achieve material goals using spiritual energy, power and grace.

Only in using material gain acquired by spiritual power for the upliftment and benefit of others, however, can such an intention be spiritually justified and helpful to one’s own spiritual advancement.

Because money has a great delusive power over human consciousness, to trifle with this power is something not lightly done if one is spiritually sincere. Nonetheless, many souls, however sincere they may be spiritually, have karma to work out in respect to money and wealth.

Therefore, one important and useful way to work out that karma is to make money to serve God’s work, and to do so with energy, creativity, and deep sincerity (which means non-attachment!).

So, yes, the practice of kriya yoga can enhance one’s magnetism in such a manner as to help one to be more successful in business and money matters. But be very, very, very careful and work with others more spiritually advanced than yourself to guide you. And, always, through kriya yoga and selfless service to the guru, deepen your attunement to God through the guru.

Blessings to you,

Nayaswami Hriman