Money Magnetism


Greetings gurudev,

I just finished reading the new path.In that book parmahansa yogananda managed to raised very huge amount of 45000 dollars.He acquired it through faith.Is it possible for me too? How should I proceed?I am also in need of money.Will yogananda help me in that? kindly help

—pvtt, india


Wonderful question! Yes, you can! Yogananda shared many such stories in which he surmounted the seeming limitations of this physical universe in regards to money and finances. Many times it seemed to him as if the work would be lost, the goal not met. Indeed his faith was deep and income came when needed.

It is important for us to understand that “money is energy.” When we increase our energy, we become more magnetic. Swami Kriyananda writes: “If you need to increase your income, know that the energy you put out is more important than specific schemes for earning. Energy will attract opportunity. Recharge your energy from its cosmic Source, and whatever income you need will be ever yours.”

The following will be helpful to you.

1. Affirm abundance. Never identify with lack or the inability to attract what you need. Choose an affirmation such as given below by Swami Kriyananda. Wrap your energy and thoughts around it until its truth becomes one with your consciousness. Thoughts have a powerful magnetism and attract like thoughts.

“The treasury of the Infinite is mine, for its wealth is energy, and I am energy!”

2. Pray to Yogananda to help you. Let him know that you need this income to serve his family and pursue your spiritual life. Ask him to show you what you can do for your part.

3. Always be generous in Spirit and in your actions. Keep your heart open and giving whatever your circumstance.

4. Consider the practice of tithing. Traditionally tithing is referred to as 10% of one’s income given to the work of the guru. You could choose an amount that seems reasonable to you… maybe a little bit of a stretch, but reasonable, especially if this is new to you. Tithing helps us to cultivate an attitude of trust, of seeing that all energy, all money, is God’s. It is a great faith-builder and a practice that builds money magnetism.

5. Swami Kriyananda wrote a book entitled Money Magnetism that I would also recommend.

Good Luck and many blessings,
nayaswami maria