Too Much Kundalini Rising


Dear sir

while meditation my head will go upward and strong kundalini shakti will raise in body. but i am not able to handle it. it create pressure in body and i hold it and sudenly i relise it. then my head get vibrate and i get hugh jurk. how to handel this

—sandeep hiray, india


Dear Sandeep,

I do not know what type of meditation you practice, but whatever you are doing, it is clearly too much for you at this time. Perhaps the technique itself is right for you, but you are adding too much forcefulness or willpower or tension to its practice. Or perhaps you are simply going through a period of your life in which this sort of thing is more prone to happen.

In any case, I suggest that you focus more on relaxation in your practice, and let go of any tendency you might have to try to force things to happen. Ask your guru or an advanced student in your lineage to help you understand which practices are appropriate for you at this time in your life, and how you, specifically, should practice them.

And pray that God or Guru guide you in the most appropriate way for you to practice. Then as you practice, feel that you are practicing along with Him/Her. Continually ask, mentally, to be guided in the right way for you to practice. Make your practice a spiritual partnership. I think you will feel a happy difference.