Navigating Through Life is Difficult


I think im very low on solar plexus energy, mere existing n navigating in life is difficult, i have tried to change myself over the years to a point that i don’t feel confident n stable, but situation doesn’t change. I meditate 1hr everyday not very good at kriya n mahamudra. I also affirm the self healing prayer, Guru Mantra, Gayatri Mantra many times..n pray for god n guru presence n guidance.. but don’t know the way forward..

—Anurag, India


Dear Anurag,

It is very good that you are meditating, doing affirmation, mantra, etc. regularly. Keep it up. That will help tremendously.
However, you seem to be in a “bubble” of limitation. You need to break out of it by getting some energy moving in your life. Find something good and worthwhile to do, and do it. A service project would be very good. Or you could do something creative. In any case, be absolutely determined to succeed. Don’t accept that it’s difficult to navigate in your life, and refuse to “merely exist.” Just do it!

You will thereby generate the magnetism to draw you in a direction that is better for your unfoldment as well as for your own fulfillment. It isn’t likely to come by any other means except putting out energy. Go for it.