Does my new home need to be blessed?


Did Yogananda teach anything about clearing and blessing a space? I am moving into a new house, and there are energies still present from the previous occupants that are less than harmonious. Did he recommend anything to remove these energies and fill the space with blessings? Thank you!

—Leo, USA, New York City


Dear Leo,

What we at Ananda do is have a blessing whenever someone moves into a new home, place of business, etc. This way, no matter what the previous energy has been in that space, it is re-set for its new purpose and occupant.

This blessing usually includes a prayer, some chanting, and a simple arati (offering of elements to the Divine). Often we will then walk around the space with incense, a candle, holy water, etc. to bless each part of it.

In this way, a new energy is consciously brought in and makes the space ready for its new occupants.