Organ donation and the astral world


Nowadays we see that appeal is made to people at large to donate eyes or other vital organs of our body after death which if removed in reasonable time can give new life to others who are suffering.My question is do one need this organs after death say in astral world or which ever world the soul remains for whatever period it remains there according to its karma.Why the importance of this were never articled in any famous books of master? Has master any time mentioned about it to Shri SK?

—Bhushan, India


Don’t worry: You won’t need your physical organs in the astral world; it’s a world of energy. Organ transplants were not being done during Paramhansa Yogananda’s life (the first one happened in 1954, two years after his mahasamadhi), so there was no reason for him to address it while he was in the body.

Swami Kriyananda, however, has made an interesting point: Suppose you sign up to be an organ donor, and immediately after death, a surgeon begins harvesting one or more organs from your newly-vacated body. Because some bodily attachment can remain after death, it’s possible that the harvesting process would bring you rushing back to the body, as in “Hey, that’s my kidney you’re taking!” It’s unlikely you would be able to re-inhabit your physical body, but the incident could well interfere with your transition into the astral world. I don’t know what would happen as a result, but it’s worth considering this unsavory possibility when the topic of organ donation arises.