Overcome Negative Thoughts, Worry, and Tension


I without my knowledge entertain thoughts that may be positive or negative, I get headache and I am nervous and always live in tension. Help me me to come out worry and tension

—Sarvan, india


Dear Sarvan,

In Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda wrote, “Thoughts are universally, not individually, rooted.” The thoughts we think are not our own; they come unbidden from the level of consciousness to which we are attuned.

To prevent negative, nervous, tense thoughts from arising, we need to attune to a level of consciousness where higher thoughts reside. This requires a higher level of energy, plus a deliberate effort to use that energy to lift our consciousness to a higher level.

There are many aids to making that effort. Proper diet (ideally vegetarian) and regular exercise will help you live at a higher level of energy. So also will Yogananda’s Energization Exercises. A habitual positive, willing attitude will automatically keep your consciousness at a higher level. As much as possible, keep the company of positive people, for as Yogananda often said, “Environment is stronger than will.” And meditate regularly, so you can more easily attune to a higher level of consciousness.

Use these tools wherever and whenever possible. You can do it!