Overcoming Anger


I am trying to be always receptive to divine mother’s grace but some unwanted desires such as anger greed desire ego are making me to shut her guiding light but I tried to get rid of that but I can’t im struggling pls help me

—kesava, india


Thank you for this question. You are not alone in this. Anger is a consequence of thwarted desires rooted in the ego and until we fully relinquish our ego, we can all succumb to it.

It is very interesting to note that Paramhansa as a young boy experienced anger. He was an avatar so it is difficult to get our minds around this. However, he lived his life to show us how to be a master of the self and control our feeling nature. Speaking from his own experience, he realized that when he got angry he was out of control and very uncomfortable. As a consequence, he decided that he would never be angry again! And, he succeeded, suggesting the following that we might also succeed.

When you feel anger, try to take a number of regular, deep breaths. As you inhale, feel that you are breathing in peace. As you exhale breath out anger.

Keep a mental diary. Daily watch your actions and at night take a few moments to review the day to see how you did and how you can do better.

Learn to control feeling first in slightly disagreeable or agreeable situations and then apply this to more disagreeable situations.

Pray to God that He take your anger. Willingly give it to him. You have to let go of it. On a daily basis this means to not identify with it, to not define yourself as an angry person, rather one who is practicing kindness and patience and respect for other’s realities.

Concentrate upon and celebrate your love for Divine Mother. Be with Her in communion, in love and in joy. This will “melt” your anger and bring to mind an expanded perspective in which there is no place for anger to stick.

At the close of your meditation, focus upon the quality you want to embrace and express. Surround it with energy and let it wash away the habit you wish to destroy.

I’m certain that you can be successful and retrieve the lost light that you cherish.

Many blessings, Nayaswami maria