Overcoming Boredom with One’s Daily Life


Respected Sir,

How to overcome boredom in one's daily life when there seems no specific goal to attain/acheive.

with regards,

Santanu Mukherjee

—santanu mukherjee, kolkata, West Bengal, India


Dear Santanu,

Paramhansa Yogananda said when a soul tires from the “anguishing monotony of life” he begins to seek God. Perhaps you are at this point or you are already seeking a Divine Reality.

I suggest you share with God each and every thought and activity you do during your day and see how it transforms your day.

Have a constant dialogue with God as you wake up in the morning, stretch, rise, meditate, cook, eat, walk, read, etc. Pay close attention to God’s guidance in your heart and listen with intuitive awareness for His presence.

You may find you are inspired to do something differently that you normally do the same way.

Avoid operating in a subconscious fashion, simply repeating tasks without real awareness. Instead bring joy into your activities simply by singing God’s name and feeling that He is using you as His instrument to do whatever you are doing in the best way it can possibly be done.

If you truly practice communion with God each and every day in every moment with great awareness, you will find God’s joy permeates everything you do.

May you feel the thrill of God’s presence in each moment.