i have practiced TM for a while and had some very negative and scarey effects. I can't practice it very much now because I am scared of it.

I have read Autobiography of a Yogi and like the sound of Kriya Yoga, but don't know if i would be safe to practice it.

I miss having a spiritual practice and being in a spiritual community very much.


—gregor, UK


Kriya meditation is very safe. In general, fear or negative experiences while meditating can be overcome through different means, depending on the cause.

It’s important when we meditate to not “blank” the mind, but to always have some awareness of God or the Guru, even while practicing specific techniques. During the time after technique, it’s especially important to concentrate on some aspect of God – joy, divine love, light, sound, etc. – and not just empty the mind. This will keep the mind uplifted and also protected.

Concentration while doing techniques is very important. If we just let the mind drift, then we can be more open to subconscious influences, which are not always positive and we can experience fear during meditation.

Finally, some “scary” experiences can be due to the ego resisting the soul’s expansion. Trust God and trust in the teachings of your Guru, and always “ask” or “feel” their guidance and protection during meditation. This will keep you moving toward God and protected from any negativity.

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