Can Prayer and Fasting Change Karma?


What’s the connection between prayer and fasting to change karma? I see that the Pope held a day of prayer and fasting to prevent war in Syria and have read Jesus mentioning prayer and fasting in the Bible. Did Master ever say anything about this? Thanks!

—Frances, USA


Dear Frances,

I am not aware of Yogananda saying that prayer and fasting can change karma.

In his book, Karma and Reincarnation, Yogananda says that we can overcome karma by living in divine consciousness, and with deep attunment with God. The closer we live to God, the less His law will be able to affect us.

The most important thing that we can do is to place God first in our lives, and commit to twice daily practice of silence meditation and communion with God.

My conclusion from the teaching of Yogananada is that if prayer and fasting help you to feel closer to God, elevate your consciousness and help you to attune to God’s will, then you can practice it too.