Past-Life Relationships



My question is regarding relationships. I think my point of view is quite odd. When i was a teenager I was quite a man hater, and I have no idea why. Throughout my 20s and 30s I have shown little interest in men and vice versa, but when I do get involved with someone it's always a bad choice and goes wrong quickly. I'm now single and may like a relationship in the future but its not a strong desire. Could this be fear from a past life? How can I overcome these mistakes? Thanks and love

—bluegate, UK


Everyone’s past karma is extremely complex, but it is likely that your present attitudes about men and relationships is based on unhappy experiences in other lifetimes. Still, it never helps to dwell on our past lives too much. They are over and we now need to focus on improving our lives spiritually in order to have a happier future.

If your main desire is spiritual development, then you must put God first. In this way you will draw to yourself someone who also has similar values. Take things slow when you meet someone and allow friendship to blossom through consideration and respect for one another. This is the best foundation for a long term and happy relationship.