People Newly in the Human Body


Hi Diksha!

I was just going through your answer on traits of a person newly in the human body.I want to be a little more clear on this. Are all lazy people new in the human body? Traditional values have degenerated. We see many young men and women being involved in innumerable flings both before and after marriage. Some people are cunning and manipulative in relationships and also in general. Are they all new in human bodies? Can a person who shows clear signs of manipulation in character change in 1 incarnation?

—Sweety, India


Dear Sweety,

Not all people who are lazy are new to the human body. People can develop wrong habits and evil qualities through many incarnations, as they continue to follow the wrong path, away from God.

People can change in one incarnation, and make great progress, if they turn towards God whole heartedly. Of couse the degree of change depend on how much energy and will they put into transforming themselves and purifying their actions. It says in the Bhagavad Gita: “Even the worst of sinners, by steadfast meditation on Me, speedily comes to Me!”


Nayawami Diksha