Praying for Others and Accepting What Is


Dear Ananda,

My husband is very kind and good human but he is nasty and smoking a lot and also consuming alcohol once a week. I am worrying a lot about his health I love him a lot and he too do so. kindly suggest me how to make him to get rid of this practices using meditation. Note: am KRIYA yoga level 2 practicer kindly guide me.

—Kavitha, India


Dear Kavitha,

You can be an instrument of prayer for God’s healing presence to heal your husband. Pray with faith knowing that God’s healing power is already in your husband. Pray for God to fill your husband with peace and harmony, peace and harmony. It is best to pray when you feel calm and still and closest to God in meditation. Don’t give up. Practice Yogananda’s healing prayer techniques as taught by the Ananda Healing Prayer ministry.

It will also help you to detach yourself as best you can from your husband’s choices to smoke and drink. Don’t allow his choices to disturb you should he indulge in them. Practice nishkam karma, the attitude that “Whatever comes of itself, let it come,” while doing your best to invoke God’s healing presence in you and your husband.

God bless you both!