Praying for Specific Things


Is there a “housing” prayer or affirmation? To help find a housing spot, to live. I’m just wondering if such a prayer would exist.

—Elysse, USA


Although you have asked about a specific kind of prayer, which is one to find the right kind of housing, your question also addresses the issue of what is the most effective way to pray. You could certainly make up your own prayer or affirmation for housing. But if we make our prayers too specific, then we limit the kind of answer that can come to us. We limit the possibilities by being too specific in what we pray for. Perhaps the issue in our lives may look like it is about finding the right kind of housing, when it is actually about how we are living, as well as where and with whom.

A good way to pray, no matter what we may be facing in our lives is, “Here is the situation Divine Mother (or God, or however you wish to address your prayer). What do you think is trying to happen for me here? What will help me spiritually in this situation? And what will help me to grow in understanding in my life in general?”

I realize that these questions may seem to be missing the point of your very direct question regarding housing, but housing may only be the most obvious problem, and not the real issue.

I hope this will help you in making your prayer one that will help you in a more broad way, as well as one that will help you in finding housing.