Pressure in the Skull During Meditation


When I practice meditation, I feel a pressure on my skull. The pressure is in a ring that passes through my third eye and circles around the top of my head. It feels almost like a metal band that is being tightened. Normally the pressure is not uncomfortable, but when I go deep into meditation the constriction becomes painful. Is this sensation normal? Does anyone else have the same problem? Does it mean anything? Is there anything I can do about it?

—Diderik Finne, United States


Dear Diderik,

We can have different sensations in different phases of our meditative practice. With regard to pressure in the skull, I have found from personal experience and from working with other people, that pressure in the skull most often happens due to physical or mental tension. This pressure can go on for a period of time.

Ask yourself, am I trying too hard? You might want to focus on making a more-relaxed effort when you meditate. Will power plays a role, yes, but infuse your will with relaxation, and meditate with devotion. This might well reduce the pressure, and gradually dissolve it completely.

Blessings on your practice,