Questions About the Crown Chakra


Hello Ananda Friends,

I’ve a question about the hong-sau technique. It’s been told to me that we’ve allways have to be concentrated at the Christ center and not above to the crown chakra or we have a chance to leave of our bodies. But when I concentrate on the Christ center sometimes I feel a pressure at the crown. Can you maybe explain me if this is wrong or what this exactly is? It makes me afraid since somebody told me when can leave our body’s this breaks my concentration.

Thank you,


—Roberto, Netherlands


Dear Roberto,

Paramhansa Yogananda taught that, when we practice Hong-Sau, although we fix our gaze at the Christ center, between the eyebrows, we focus our attention on the breath.

The Christ center is the sixth chakra, the center of enlightenment. Only after all our energy has been brought to that center will a doorway open from the sixth chakra to the seventh, the crown chakra, the center of liberation. If you focus prematurely at the crown chakra, however, it’s quite possible to become ungrounded and restless, perhaps even mentally unbalanced. Stay at the spiritual eye.

Don’t worry if, while focusing at the spiritual eye, you feel a bit of pressure in the area of the crown chakra. Nothing undesirable is likely to happen. It’s not that easy to leave the body, and even if you did, you would easily find your way back in. As Swami Kriyananda put it, the problem is getting out of the body, not getting back in.

Also, please note that pressure at the crown chakra can be a result of tension, so focus on relaxation as you practice. Keep your upturned gaze relaxed, and offer the results of your meditation to God.