Raising Your Engergy to Meet Life’s Battles



Where does the Energy go when a person becomes " withdrawn " and feels like life is too much and its too difficult to fight the battle on good side. If its not being withdrawn into the deep spine where is it going? Is it shrinking in the base chakra or just trying to retreat back into infinite from the medulla ?

Thanks again!


—Cyril, Ireland


Dear Cyril,

Thank you for your question regarding where energy goes when one withdraws and feels like life is too difficult to fight one’s battles.

We all have times when life seems “bigger” than we are and we are overhwelmed by our circumstances or total abundance of challenging opportunities to grow beyond our own self limitations.

Our energy goes up or down in the spine depending on our response to the apparent situation.

Energy will rise in the spine and we will feel uplifted when we choose the higher response or action to a situation or mood.

When we choose not to fight the battle we often find as the saying goes, “what we resist persists!” Energy will tend to sink downwards due to our negativity and self involvement.

The following are some suggestions to help you to raise your energy level to meet life’s battles:

The most important attitude to have is how can I meet this challenge positively? When all looks utterly hopeless and desperate, seek inward guidance in meditation as to the appropriate action or attitude that feels dharmic or right, even if its not in your usual repertoire. Then trust you can proceed with faith and confidence as long as you are expanding beyond self involvement.

Call on God as your Divine Mother to share your battles with you. It’s very inspiring to read the Bahgavad Gita where Arjuna feels like giving up the battle and Krishna tells him he has to fight.

Keep your energy up with the energization exercises and find the affirmation from Affirmations for Self Healing by Swami Kriyananda to memorize and hold in your consciousness to meet the specific test(s) you are experiencing.

Chant or sing songs that give you courage and enthusiasm to lift your consciousnes in the midst of life’s battles. Crystal Clarity offers a number of chanting CDs with various themes to uplift your consciousness.

Hold your attention and concentration at the point between the eyebrows to find superconscious solutions to your problems.

Sooner or later, we are destined to overcome whatever battles are necessary to be free of egoic limitations.

All the best to you in being a spiritual warrior confronting the enemies of Self Realization within your self!