Recovering from Loss


My fiancee left me two years back. Since then I am in a bad state. She was the one to pursue me, she left me and now she is happy. I am still single. While I try a lot to pray for her happiness, I always feel scared to even think that she would be happy without me with someone else. I am even more devastated to get such sinful and unvirtuous thoughts. But I am not being able to help. Why am I getting such wicked thoughts?

—Manish, Delhi


Dear Manish,

You feel wounded from a broken love relationship. Know you are not alone! How many songs , books and movies are about this very topic! Yet we all feel somewhat incomplete without someone to love us and for us to love in return to complete the cycle of love.

Probably the best way to deal with your love sickness is to offer all the love you feel for your previous fiance to Divine Mother. Try to feel Divine Mother as the source of your love in the woman you were to marry. Develop a romance with Divine Mother that transcends all human romances and griefs.

Your unvirtuous thoughts are simply the ego trying to assert it’s power in a world of egos. This too can simply be offered to Divine Mother as the little human self aspiring to realize the Infinite Eternal Self.

You are destined to succeed with your challenge and it will become easier the more you engage in the Divine Romance that is always waiting for your participation!

Joy and Divine Love to you!