Relationships and Spirituality


Greetings, I thank the grace of the Lord. I would like to ask this. I am a young man of 26 years of age. I am dedicated in meditation and focused in this spiritual path, I always look up to expanding my spiritual life. The thing is I have spend long time being a single young man, It’s difficult to get into a relationship with a girl due to the focus into spirituality and not wanting to loose it. So then is it good to get into a relationship as a young man while persuing spiritual growth?

—Peter, South Africa


Dear Peter,

It’s inspiring to read about your dedication and focus on the spiritual path.

There is no inherent conflict in pursuing the spiritual path and having a relationship, regardless of whether one is young or old.

If you feel the desire to be in a relationship, you need to be wise in choosing a woman who will have the same spiritual interests as you, and will support your dedication to the spiritual path, just as you will support her spiritually.

Finding the right partner, can help and enrich your spiritual life. But you should seek a partner only if you feel that it is right for you. Do not feel obligated to do so. Let God come first.