Replacing Lethargy with Energy


Most of time nowadays I remain in blues and cant change my personality, some this cause slurring of speech, no interest in anythings. What should I do to enhance my mood, for continuous joy and eternal feelings, to boost up my confedence, and fluency of speech?

—kiran, india


Dear Kiran,

I want to direct you to a wonderful book that addresses this very issue and is part of the first step in the Path to Kriya, Ananda Course in Meditation. You can learn more about it here: Lessons in Meditation. These lessons offer the new yogi, spiritual adept, simple and direct practices of controlling one’s energy. This is essential if you wish to address the despondency, blues, and moods your letter references. The fact that you are asking for a way out of the downward pull (tamas) you’re feeling is a GOOD indication of the presence of your willingness and inherent rise in the god-given energy (prana) that is within you already. It wants to move! And there is something you can do about it….

Let’s assume there isn’t a medical reason for your despondency and speech issues (if you think there may be, then please see a proper doctor). Yogananda said the greater the will, the greater the flow of energy. If you are feeling depressed, moody, emotional, sometimes it’s best to use exercise, be it formal techniques or just simply moving, such as walking or running. Even playing vigorously! You’ll have to use your willingness and will to get it started. In other words, the first step is “Yes!”. Have you ever noticed that when you are busy, putting out energy, you often feel even more energetic? The universal energy we call prana is already within and all around you. It’s waiting for you to affirm it and use it! Pranayama is the term used for “energy control” which is one of the cornerstones, bases, of yogic philosophy and practice. The book I referenced introduces you to Yogananda’s beginning techniques and explanations for both energizing and moving the energies already in your body’s nervous system in such a way as to bring you calmness, peace, joy, and even more wisdom. And it does so with easy-to-understand charts, videos, and even personal guidance. These mentioned 4 qualities are just a few of what are called aspects of God! (4 more with explanations are shared in Ananda’s Course) And as we mentioned, you already have them, within you. Now it’s a matter of feeling and realizing them through 1) Hong Sau meditation and 2) Energization Exercises. Regular and consistent practice makes these a viable tool not only to change your present lethargy but to change your life to reflect the magnificence you truly are, just hidden and awaiting your call.

You can get more support through our Ananda centers and communities near you as well as online at any of our websites. You can find them worldwide, just see our online listings on our pages’ Explore Ananda navigation for Find Ananda Near You. Should you seek further guidance, you are welcome to address your questions and concerns directly to me, Nayaswami Premdas at where I assist students from around the world studying and preparing for Yogananda’s teachings on Kriya meditation. I hope these recommendations and insights help your rise in joy and happiness, and to becoming a loving channel for God’s presence throughout your life.

In Divine Joy, Nayaswami Premdas