Resolving Old Events in One’s Life



I’ve been meditating for more than a year now, and I notice that I find myself going back to the past, to events that I believed were long resolved. Even to the point of questioning whether my mother was a “good” parent. But I find my mind resurrecting things long forgotten. What does this mean — that deep down I resent my parents?


—Nicki, UK


Dear Nicki,

You don’t mention what technique of meditation you are practicing so I can’t respond directly to how your meditations and past memories are connected. However, you can trust if there are long forgotten memories surfacing, they need your attention and awareness.

Probably all it means is on some level you haven’t healed these memories and the relationships linked with them. Ask your higher self in meditation what is trying to happen with these memories and then be receptive in your heart to receive the answer. It’s important not to judge the answer or react to it in any way. Just be receptive and follow the truthful wisdom of your own higher self.

In Divine Friendship,