Right yogic diet


Dear friend,

Whether a spiritual seeker should eat meat, fish, egg, garlic,onion in his daily food? In India, these food are considered as TAMASIC FOOD and in Srimad Bhagbat GIta, it has been mentioned that these foods are Tamasic food and produce Tamasic qualities in one's personality. I am also not taking these foods in my daily food.Please suggest me .

—deepak, india


You’re right that those foods are not traditionally recommended for seekers. (Note that, for some people, onions and garlic are rajasic and beneficial, in that they can stimulate sluggish digestion. Still, your point is well taken.)

Paramhansa Yogananda (as well as his guru, Sri Yukteswar) recommended simply finding a diet that agrees with you, and going with it until you need to make a change in it. “Proper eatarianism” he called it. A change in diet that is too drastic can be counterproductive. Yoganandaji in fact recommended to some disciples that they eat a bit of fish each week, as their bodies simply weren’t able to function well on a purely vegetarian diet.

In short, know what’s ideal, yet do what works for you. And realize that what works for you might not be ideal for someone else.