Search for Inner Peace


My life is very strange , Im 23 years old i have a feeling i have lived allready so much. I trust in inner peace ,in my self — I am a singer without voice ,a dancer without legs... But i somehow hate people and its very hard for me to make money even if i hate money and society , I just wont to be free , to meditate with freedom ,to not be bothered to work like a slave ...What should i do , i really want to search for meditation groups .

—daniel, moldova


Dear Daniel,

You have come to the right place! The website can link you to Ananda meditation groups and centers throughout the world as well as online meditation courses.

Meditation Courses

If you haven’t read the Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda, you can download it from the website and be introduced to the Divine realms you are seeking through this inspiring book. The Ananda meditation classes are based on Yogananda’s teachings. As you experience the truths of these teachings through regular practice of the meditation techniques, you will find the inner peace and essence of your own self realized “beyond imagination of expectancy” as Yogananda stated. Visit the nearest Ananda colony to you and be bathed in the vibrations of peace and joy there.

Regarding work, there is a divine service you can perform that is fulfilling for you. You will find what you are meant to do as you open your heart to the peace that awaits you in meditation and feel the inner guidance that comes to you in the calmness of your own heart. You are embarking on your own unique journey of self awakening!

JOY to you!