Seeing a White Star


I see the white star, for 5 months now. I see it exactly as Yogananda shows. What lies behind the star??? Please tell me! I cannot go through, or past the white star, why not?

—Janine Theron, South Africa


Hi Janine,

It is a very good thing to see the star. Yogananda said that it is the doorway to the infinite. The Spiritual Eye is usually seen first as a golden ring and within that a dark blue tunnel and within that a white star. These three colors represent the levels of consciousness we must penetrate before we can merge into cosmic consciousness. Have you seen the Spiritual Eye and the associated colors? If you have and you are at the white star, the important thing is to go into the center of the star. Keep looking into the absolute center. The ego is the main reason we do not go into the higher states of consciousness. The best way to overcome the ego is to surrender everything to God. Love God at all times. Offer everything to God. Hold nothing back for the little “me” . If you can do that you will see behind/beyond the star.