Seeing Beauty in a Mixed World


Greetings Gurudev,

Parmahansa Yogananda said that he perceived the world as plays of shadows and light, indicating how beautiful it appears. But the world is a terrible place, right? What is the essence of the statement? Is he perceiving through the spiritual eye? Is it possible for us also?

—true devotee, india


Paramhansa Yogananda’s consciousness made it possible for him to see beauty in a world which can seem ugly, unfair, evil and scary. This is because his consciousness saw unity in everything, all as the “dream of God,” and made of God’s Light. This is not to say that he denied the existence of the dark side of creation, rather that he chose to behold goodness, look for goodness, and reference the divine in everything. Without this, it would be impossible to live in this world or to feel that one could help make things better.

When we meditate we get in touch with a broader reality. From the state of deep calmness and inner attunement with the divine, our view of the world will be very different. We can’t always make evil disappear but we can greatly alter our perception of it and be receptive to possible solutions that prior to meditation did not occur to us.

The spiritual eye is the “eye of God.” When we live with our consciousness in this center, we truly see. When you meditate hold your concentration here. Visualize the spiritual eye and try to enter into it. Even when you are living your life, fulfilling your responsibilities, try to center your attention here. It is of great help. Yogananda said that we greatly accelerate our growth by placing our concentration at the spiritual eye and trying to live from this center within ourselves all of the time.

Joy to You,
Nayaswami Maria