Seeing Light in Meditation



Sometimes while in meditation when am calm n see this golden light, trying to intensify concentration I get a feeling as though I am going unconscious and this scares a part of me from proceeding. What is this and how to handle it

—Ramya, USA


Dear Ramya,

In meditation, we can have different experiences, one of them is seeing light.

When you close your physical eyes and withdraw from the material world, you gaze at the point between your eyebrows, your spiritual eye. When you are very calm, you might be able to see the spiritual eye clearly: a golden ring of light, with a blue field and at the center a five pointed white-silvery star.

From what you are describing, you are beginning to see the gold light. When you see it, relax and offer yourself into the light.

If you begin to get excited or tense, the light will disappear.

It’s a great blessing to be able to see the light.

It is not clear to me what you mean by “I am going subconscious.”

I can only say that seeing the light is a great blessing, and you want to enjoy it, and embrace it.


Nayswami Diksha