Seek the Gold of God-Communion


Pranam !

I'm afollower of Paramhans Yoganand and also practice meditation as per his teachings.

During meditation I now feel that from my crown something is trickling down on my forehead and all four sides of my head .I down know what it signifies as there is no one to guide me.Is it going in the right direction or anything else..

please be kind enough to guide me.



—shraboni pathak, india


Pranam, Shraboni,

Most of the experiences that one might encounter in meditation (and I would guess that yours is an example) are neither bad nor good. They are simply part of the terrain of the inner world. And just as in an earthly exploration, different people will encounter different things.

Having this experience may be a sign that you are going deeper into the inner world, but it’s important thing not to pursue such experiences, just as, if you were exploring for gold, you would not allow yourself to be distracted by a particularly interesting tree or bird.

In meditation, the “gold” is God-communion. Focus on that and on loving God, and let these experiences come and go as they will.

Blessings on your quest,