Shall I Follow My Passion?


I started my masters in technology (maybe under influence of society and people around) in Germany 6 months ago. But now I feel that I am not following one of my passions (Music, History, Languages, etc). What is more important if I want to grow spiritually? Completing the course( duty of student life) or following the passion?

—Vesna, Germany


Dear Vesna,

You have asked an important question, as it will determine the next phase of your life.

Here are some suggestions, from the yoga perspective, to help you decide what is best for you to do.

First its important that you start meditating every day. If you don’t know how to meditate you can learn it here: Meditation Basics

In meditation you can tap into your intuition, which is your soul power of knowing God. This is the faculty in yourself that helps you to find true solutions.

Here is how you can access intuition:

1. Begin your meditation by stating a question clearly.

2. Set question aside.

3. Practice meditation technique, then sit in silence, absorbed in peace.

4. Broadcast your question through your Spiritual Eye ,the point between your eyebrows, the center of higher consciousness.

5. Listen and feel the response in your heart.

6. Have faith that there is an answer.

7. The answer might not come right away, so be patient. It might come later, while walking, washing dishes, or other activity. Inwardly keep listening. Intuitive guidance feels calm and clear

A great book that can help you deepen your understanding and practice your intuition faculty is Intuition for Starters, by Swami Kriyananda. You can buy the book at Crystal Clarity Publishers.

Here are some suggested questions that you can check with your higher Self:

What direction shall I take? Technology or Music and history?

Do I enjoy learning technology and feel that I can be of service to others through it?

Is it possible for me to combine your love of music, history and language, while completing the technology course?

It’s important that you take your time to tune into your higher Self to find your answer, rather than acting from compulsion, and agitated emotions.