“Shivering” Eyeballs in Meditation


Respected sir i am thankful to you for giving me this oportunity. What i face trouble in meditation is i am not able to keep consontration between the eyebrows because of my eyeballs are shivering much. What can i do to stop eyeballs from shivring and keep consontration constantly on the point between the eyebrows. Thank you.

—T koteswara rso, India


Dear T,

It seems likely that you are making your eye muscles work too hard, and the “shivering” is the result of tired or uncomfortable eye muscles. There are several possible remedies.

First, the upward angle of your gaze might be too sharp. Think of gazing toward a distant mountaintop; then your gaze will then be only slightly above the horizon. As time passes and your eye muscles become accustomed to that angle, then you can begin to turn your gaze a bit more upward (as though you are closer to that mountaintop).

Another approach is to feel a concentration of energy at the point between the eyebrows, and feel that energy strongly attracting your attention. This will naturally draw your gaze upward. Then you will not feel as though you are forcing your gaze upward, and the eye muscles will be more relaxed.

A third approach, one that Swami Kriyananda suggested, is to try to feel that your eyeballs exist on in the top half of their sockets. That too can take the effort out of turning your gaze upward.

I hope one or more of these approaches will work for you.