Does Sickness Mean We Are Not Attuned To Spirit?


Can one become phisically ill and emotionally aggitated in the process of mind expansion? I find that I am getting days in between when I am stopping my meditation for a full day and I feel depressed over having succumbed to pollens, allergies, bronchitis, and asthma in that order. I am interpreting my sickness as a statement that I am not as alligned as I thought with divine energy. But I also suspect that this may be unconcious ego survival tactics. What insights can you share? Blessings!

—Vilma, USA


Dear Vilma,

You are right in discerning that the ego can and oftentimes does play a role in our reactions to the circumstances of our lives. Awareness of this is very helpful.

Even if we are pursuing a spiritual life and engaging in spiritual practices to help expand our consciousness, we can experience illness and emotional imbalance. Certainly our practices help to mitigate this and give us an invaluable tool for processing these things but there is always the element of karma. Things sometimes just have to play out on the physical plane. It’s not a sign of weakness, impurity, failure, or, lack of attunement. Spiritual aspirants see it as a “test” and something one has to “do battle”, using all the tools he/she has at their disposal, to overcome this. When you are unable to practice meditation due to health issues, acknowledge that your body needs that energy to physically heal and resume as soon as you can. These situations afford us a tremendous opportunity to be close to God in our hearts. Surround yourself with uplifting vibrations and healing music that will help lift your mind from depression to the superconsciousness. (see You don’t need to stop conversing with Divine Mother when you are not feeling well. Share what is happening and be in your heart. I think you will find that even ill health can powerfully deepen your relationship with the Divine.