Sights and Sounds During Meditation



I’ve been meditating for little over a year and in most cases it has been fine but there are times when I have sleepless nights, hear high pitched noises in my ears, and see blobs of light just below my lower eyelids. I spoke to someone about it and they said it could be “awakening” symptoms and as I was an “advanced” soul, it’s even the more reason why I’m experiencing this. But this person was not sure. I would like your opinion.

Many thanks and blessings.

—Maggie , UK


Dear Maggie,

It’s common for meditators to hear inner sounds and see inner lights. Meditation practice tends to awaken inner energies along with inner awareness, and those energies can cause such phenomena—regardless of whether one is trying to make them happen, and regardless of whether one is an “advanced” soul. (I would say that anyone who seriously takes up the practice of meditation is an advanced soul.) Not to worry. Treat them as distractions, and try not to let them commandeer your attention. This too shall pass. Keep on meditating, and offer these experiences—as well as any others that may come—to God.