Sitting Position for Meditation


Namaste guruji.I want to ask 2 questions about my meditation practice.

1.I’m practicing meditation from 8 months twice a day.My question is about my pose,I’m sitting cross legged with clasped fingers.Suddenly i felt that is pose is correct or I’m doing wrong please reccomend me the right pose.

2.Meanwhile in the practice I’m seeing numbers of bright dots in the darkness of eyes and when i’m directing my focus on them they are dissappearing.Is there any meaning in them.

—Shanmukh, India


Namaste Shanmukh,

The two central elements of a “correct” meditation posture are to sit upright with a straight spine and relaxed body. There are many ways to make that possible, whether sitting cross-legged or on a chair. It’s best for the knees to be no higher than the hips, else you will not be able to keep your spine straight for very long. In addition, Paramhansa Yogananda recommended sitting with hands resting on the thighs, where thighs meet abdomen, with palms facing upward (so the fingers are not clasped). Another helpful element is to draw the shoulder blades slightly toward each other to keep the chest open.

As for the bright dots you are seeing, they might be physical phenomena: images of so-called vitreous floaters (they typically move away when you gaze toward them), or even artifacts of the optic nerve. Or they might be manifestations of subtle energy. I could not tell you which. If you are concerned about this, you might wish to consult an optometrist.