The Soul’s Evolution


Swami said when God manifested each one, whether it was first a rock or whatever,that they had that individuality. Master said he remembered being a diamond. At the human level of course, you die to accomplish a reincarnation. I was wondering how other objects such as rocks would end one lifetime to keep going up the ladder to the next.

—sharon, usa


Dear Sharon,

To be honest I don’t know the answer to your question. When we are liberated and live in realization of ourselves as spirit we will know all. What Master has said is that rocks or perhaps mountains have a sort of collective soul, it takes eons for mountains and rocks to shift but shift they do. Rocks are really minerals and from that state the next phase of evolution would be plant life. Plants also can share a collective soul, say in forests. As plants and animals begin to have more interaction with humans, they evolve more rapidly. Master said that in the animal kingdom, horses, dogs and monkeys are the most evolved and most likely to reincarnate as humans. Horses because they are intelligent, dogs because they are loyal and monkeys because they are familial.

All of this is fun to contemplate but not really that helpful in our own evolution. We are given the greatest gift as humans because we are the only souls designed for liberation or union with our creator. So loving God, serving God and eventually merging in God is what we can aim for. When we become one with all, we will understand the nature of creation.

In Joyful service,

Nayaswami Sahaja