Speaking in tongues



I find your lessons intrguing. I am considering converting to Christianity, but like Yogananda mentioned, am afraid I might be responding to churchianity. I feel that I shoud uncover divinty in life, in each moment. I also feel that Jesus and Buddha have been pivotal figures in modern spirituality. However, they are probably misunderstood.

Seeing as Yogananda has written about Jesus as a person's personal saviour, I would like to know what is his view on Tongues? Thanks,J

—J, Brisbane


Certainly the goal of life is to realize our own divinity, and as you say, “uncover divinity in life, in each moment.” Christianity is a valid and time-tested path for doing exactly that.

However, as you noted, not all of its manifestations share that validity; there are many by-paths that will not take you where you want to go. This is true of any spiritual tradition, so it’s important for the seeker to separate outward form (and “show”) from inward essence (and “glow”).

I’m not aware that Yoganandaji had anything to say on the subject of speaking in tongues, so I can’t speak directly to that. However, it is not a part of many Christian traditions; it is more characteristic of modern charismatic churches, which represent a very small segment of Christianity.

So if you have reservations about the practice, it would be very easy to find Christian gatherings that do not emphasize it at all. On the other hand, if it’s something you do want to try, you can test it by its fruits: does it help you uncover divinity, or not? It’s not about “what everyone else is doing”; it’s about what it does for you. Can you feel that it takes you closer to God? That is the true litmus test of any practice, and you alone can answer that question.

Many blessings on your quest,