From a spiritual beginner: Which form of God should I worship?


I am a beginner in spiritual life. I know that God is all pervading so I find it difficult to worship any specific form of God. To which form of God should I worship? What did Yoganandaji suggest?

—Siddharth Patel, India


Dear Siddharth,

Congratulations on beginning your spiritual quest. Much joy awaits you.

The best form of God to worship is the form that you can best relate to, aspire to, and love — whatever awakens your heart’s love.

For that reason, Yoganandaji suggested that most people would do well to relate to God as Divine Mother: God within creation. Since we too are “in creation,” one could say that’s the closest aspect of God to us. In reality, of course, there is no closer or farther, for God is everything. But our human minds tend to see things that way. We also think of the human mother as ever-forgiving and unconditionally loving, whereas the human father is often seen as more distant, more likely to discipline and judge us. Those qualities can — in our own minds, only — carry over to our perspectives on God. So it’s easy to see how we might naturally feel more attracted to God as Divine Mother than as Heavenly Father.

Another option is to see the Guru as God. This is an excellent approach if you feel you have a guru, since the guru has, or has had, a physical form that you might relate to — and come to love — more easily. Guru is the aspect of Divine Mother that has direct responsibility for freeing your soul.

So it’s your choice. Just remember: God doesn’t want you to worship any particular form. God wants only your love. Worship — which is to say, offer your love to — the form that best awakens the natural love of your heart.

I hope this helps.