Spiritual Jewelry and Bracelets


You recently answered a question about the wearing of arm bangle as taught by Parmahansa Yogananda. I was wondering if you could share any information on the wearing of ankle bracelets in the Hindu tradition? Is there a significance based on the side of body it is worn? Do stones in the bracelet have any significance? Thank you.

—Genevieve Rohan, USA


Dear Genevieve,

To my knowledge, Yogananda never mentioned wearing ankle bracelets. I believe that most ankle bracelets worn by Hindu women are primarily decorative.

However, there is a group of valid teachings involving specific gemstones which should be worn in certain ways to beneficially influence your chakras and the planetary influences on them, which happen at different times/cycles of your life.

These stones should be as flawless as possible, of 2 karats or greater, set in such a way that they actually touch your skin. If worn as a ring, there is a certain finger upon which it is best to wear it. Or it may be worn as a bracelet or a pendant around the neck.

To know which gemstones you need to wear, it is important to consult with a qualified Vedic Astrologer. Each individual has a very individual horoscope and therefore, has different needs at different time.

I have heard several theories about which side of the body it is best to wear something like an astrological bangle (gold, copper, and silver) on, but I believe that this is a personal choice – either side is OK. I wear mine on my left arm.