Spiritually Unsupportive Housemates


I am at a point in my life where everything is changing. I just turned 18 and these changes are conflicting with me spiritually. I have always found myself to be very set in my spirituality and accepting of others. I recently decided to rent a home with a friend of mine and her fiance. They are people who are spiritually void. They have no beliefs in the divine and I find the more I Am around them the more susceptible I become to the hate and anger they feel. Can I help them spiritually?

—Christopher Eaton, United States


Dear Christopher,

I can certainly understand your difficulties living in an environment that does not support you spiritually and with friends who may harbor feelings of anger and hatred.

For these reasons, I would firstly consider closely your living situation and the famous words of the great spiritual Master Paramhansa Yogananda, “Environment is stronger than willpower.”

Consider that your own spiritual life may be hindered by living with friends who are certainly good people at heart but lack the awareness to perceive the Divine anywhere in life, which seems rightly very important to you. In doing so, neither you nor your housemates may be benefiting much in the most important way, that is to say, spiritually.

However, also consider that you can help your housemates, and improve your living situation even if you cannot change it: pray for them daily, ask that your household be blessed by the Divine and for you yourself to be a channel, blessing all and drawing the infinite love and grace of the universe.

And know that, whatever your present circumstances, God is with you there. He is guiding you silently and helping you to grow and understand as much as you can be receptive to. Do your utmost to feel his joyful presence always and share it with all, and you will continue to receive His endless loving grace.

Please do consider changing your living situation if you feel it does not serve you spiritually- only by doing the right thing for yourself spiritually will you truly then be able to serve others in the highest way possible. Blessings to you.

In Divine Friendship, Jordan