Stages of Enlightenment


Is there a difference between the state of being Spiritually Awakened and Self Realisation? Thank you very much for helping me understand

—Romila, UK


Dear Romila,

The problem with using words to describe states of enlightenment is that words exist on the level of the conscious mind, while soul experiences exist on a higher, superconscious level. It’s often difficult to translate one into the other.

One could certainly make a case that being “spiritually awakened” or “Self-realized” is the same thing. You would probably need to ask whoever used these terms how they were defining them.

The important thing to understand is the basic concept which may be called by many different names. This is a state where the individual soul has transcended limited, separate ego existence and has merged his identity into the vast ocean of spirit.

There are many stages and steps along the journey, but I find it more helpful to see the whole spiritual path as a continuous flow and self-offering to God.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Devi