Stay Home or Go to India?


Hello, question for me is does external circumstances affects our spiritual progress? I mean, should i go somewhere,for example to India trying to find guru or better spiritual environment than it is now? i feel i have nothing to lose. But perhaps it’s mind’s trick to make me think i cannot know God right now? plz guide me, should i totally accept what is and give everything to God’s hands and believe everything will be ok? or should i go somewhere to find my guru or spiritual community?

—Tom, Lithuania


Dear Tom,

There is no universal answer to your question. Certainly external circumstances can affect our spiritual progress: disharmonious environments make it very difficult to progress. However, saints can be found in almost any circumstances, and sometimes they are saints precisely because those circumstances forced them to make a supreme effort.

One thing that is extremely important for anyone, however, is the company of other truth-seekers. There are seekers almost anywhere, but sometimes it is hard to find them. So if you stay where you are, start looking harder, even advertising, for like-minded people. Pray to find them. Perhaps you can start a meditation group and attract others to you.

As for going to India, some people have found their guru there, and many have not. So if you go, don’t think that the success or failure of your journey depends on whether you find your guru. Go as a pilgrim, pray for guidance, and leave it to God.

Either way—stay home or go to India—the key is to put out energy to make something happen. Pray to God: show me what to do to come closer to You. Shake the universe with your spiritual yearning. When you put out energy in this way, you develop the magnetism that will draw God’s grace to you, wherever you are.